Get The Job Done With Hands Free Masturbators

Hands-free masturbators are male sex toys designed for males to masturbate without including their hands. Masturbating without including your hands is one of the best things you can get, leading to great sexual pleasure and orgasm. You can fix these hands free masturbators anywhere in your house and use them for the experience of having sex in real life as this toy express pussy in reality.

It is made up of high-quality and soft material so that it can help to provide a realistic feeling like a real vagina. These real-looking vagina sex toys are 9-10 inches long and 5-6 inches wide. It is compatible with every dick size. These sex toys are trendy because it provides you with a whole lot of new experience of masturbating. You can also change the angle of stroke anytime. These hands free masturbators have a strong suction cup which you can attach anywhere, like on the floor, wooden material, and glass. So these toys are flexible and can be used to experience every sex position like doggy style, flatiron, and many more.

Advantages of using hands-free masturbators

1.      Less physical efforts

Many of you struggle with the physical efforts that are required during masturbation because it takes a longer time to complete your session, and you might be fatigued by the end of your masturbation. Sometimes you may be so tired that it can interfere with your process of having pleasure, and this can be very irritating. The best advantage of these sex toys is that you don’t have to make any physical efforts with your hands; you can just sit back and enjoy the whole process of orgasm without worrying about hand movements.

2.      Unique movement

These sex toys have internal vibrating motors, which are specially designed for male masturbation, and they have many movements which can be adjusted according to the need of the user. You can set the device’s internal rhythm that appeals to you most if you like having fast sexual pleasure or slow or in a unique pattern that you were not able to achieve with your hands. Masturbation sessions with hands free masturbators will become much more excited once you begin experimenting with a different types of movements.

3.      Ability to use your hands for other things

Masturbating with a hand at least engages your one hand, and you are only focused on the movement of your hands. However, the help of these masturbating sex toys allows you to use your hands on other things. For example, people often like to watch adult videos while having sex or masturbation, and with the help of this sex toy, you can operate your TV remote, laptop, computer, or mobile phone efficiently. Apart from this, you can use your hands to touch your other body parts in order to get excitement and better pleasure. While having masturbation with a partner, you can even tough them anywhere if they allow you.

4. Boosts your sex life

Masturbating helps you to maintain your penis and other sex organs. So regular use of these sex toys can increase your sex appeal and excitement of having sex with a real partner; these sex toys will provide you with each and every experience of different positions. So whenever you go to have sex with a partner, she will be happy to have sex with you because of your high sex appeal and experience in different positions.

Features of hands free masturbators

·        Powered with batteries and Rechargeable – These sex toys have in build batteries which is very powerful and can last long for 8 hours which is defiantly enough for you to have a great orgasm. These batteries can also be charged after the usage of 8 hours with a charger that comes along with these sex toys.

·        Fully remote control – No one likes to get interrupted between their masturbation session; that’s why these hands-free masturbators come with a remote controller. In addition, these remote controllers allow you to adjust the rhythm of your sex toy. This feature can be beneficial in finding your perfect speed of masturbation or at what speed you get the orgasm most.

·        Build quality – These sex toys are highly durable as they are made of top-notch material. Their lifespan is so long, around 5-6 years. And the internal parts are made up of very soft material, which provides the same feeling as touching the vagina. It provides you with the same feeling as having sex.

Sex toys are getting famous in the global market, and hands-free masturbators are one of them; they are a very portable and effective masturbating tool for males. It includes all the features a person seeks while buying a sex toy. These sex toys also help you to deal with stress and anxiety while masturbating; a sex toy, it helps to release relaxing hormones like endorphins and dopamine, which can be very effective for you if you are going through a tough time. In addition, you don’t have to use your hands while doing these masturbating processes.


1.      What kind of material is used in the making of these sex toys?

Ans. The soft silicone material is used in the making of these sex toys to provide the user with a real and smooth experience of the vagina.

2.      How many times can I masturbate with this sex toy?

Ans. You can use these toys as long as they don’t get damaged. Just wash them after a session to use them for the next session.

3.      Can I gift this to my boyfriend?

Ans. If you and your boyfriend like kinky stuff and the idea of foreplay, this would be an ideal gift for you to give to your boyfriend.

4.      How does the mechanism of these sex toys work?

Ans. These sex toys come with vibrating technology, and a vagina-shaped toy made up of silicon to provide a great experience. After you insert your penis into the toy, you can start with a button that will begin the process of up and down masturbation.

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